Tree Demons

Extras Required for Scottish Fantasy Film

"Loyalty, honour, a willing heart... I can ask no more than that." Thorin Oakenshield

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Applications are open for extra roles in a new feature film set in dark age Scotland.

We are issuing an open call for volunteers to be part of our new feature film, Dalriata's King. Applications close 31 August.

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Scenes - Get charged by a horse & rider!

Here's an overview of what will be being filmed: 

- Masses of Demons emerge from the forest
- Demons draw swords
- Alpin & riders on horses crash through Demon line
- Nathara kills Mal

You will be required all day on Saturday 5th September 2015

The shoot will be taking place near Falkirk, a 45 min drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Although, unfortunately, we cannot offer travel expenses to extras, we will endeavour to get you onto set through lift sharing etc. If in doubt, please fill out the form (there is a question about travel) and we'll take it from there.

Food and snacks will be provided on set.

Any questions, get in touch - email

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