1S THE GAELIC KING smallThe Gaelic King (AKA The Gael King OR Dalriata's King) is an epic and adventurous fantasy action feature film project. 

An iconic Scottish production

The film is set and being produced entirely in Scotland. We have one production office in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. The primary location base is in Airth, Falkirk but the film will include some of Scotland's finest countryside. 

Current status

Principal photography was completed over 5 weeks from September - November 2015. A final block of filming took place at the beginning of September 2016. The film is now in the final stages of post-production and we expect a release sometime in summer 2017.

Who's behind The Gaelic King?

The Gaelic King is being produced by up-and-coming indie Scottish production company Fellowship Film. Their latest production is a fantasy action short called The Fable of Forsaken which has been distributed worldwide. The Gaelic King is their debut feature film. Fellowship Film is headed up by award-winning filmmaker Philip Todd.

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How is the film being made?

Now that's the question! We started in a rather unconventional way - by constructing a village, gathering a team, and building the film with our own bare hands.

Our approach is to start from the position of how we can best use what we already have; in particular we are about working with people, and valuing them for what they can bring. In this way to date we have successfully completed filming, attracted a lot of positive press and public attention, and formed a partnership with sales agent Truffle Pictures to help us finish and distribute the film.

The Gaelic King is being made on a micro-budget with an emphasis on community, opportunity and creativity. Check out the start of the journey on Indiegogo! Dalriata's King - a Scottish fantasy epic

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