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400 Attended Cast & Crew Screening of The Gaelic King in Glasgow

The recent private screening at Cineworld was attended by over 400 cast, crew and supporters. The excitement was tangible in the air as we viewed together the pre-release 'Directors Cut' of The Gaelic King.

We, Fellowship Film, would like to send our thanks to ALL who attended, and a special shout out to the cast, crew and supporters who could not join us on the night.

We have received an overwhelming wave of messages expressing thanks, and it gave us the idea to create a 'Memory Wall' to allow you to publicly share a story from behind the scenes. Check it out here and leave a story!

Photos from the screening will be published on our Facebook page soon!

Official poster released - 'The Gaelic King' heads to AFM

'The Gael King' is going to be taken to the American Film Market next month! This is really happening!

Behold the official poster. You will notice that our sales agent requested it be sold in America under the name 'The Gaelic King' as 'Gaelic' is more recognisable than 'Gael'. We have made the decision to keep this constant in all regions.

Therefore, the film will now be known as 'The Gaelic King'. Thank you for your co-operation with this as we slowly but surely work towards making the film as successful as possible.


That's A Wrap!


After a long night full of marvellous makeup, swinging swords and burning buildings we have finally wrapped on our last block of filming for The Gael King! It has been an intense week of shooting but the enthusiasm and hard work from everyone on the team has been astounding. We can't thank everyone enough.

To have come this far is so exciting. However it's not over yet! Now we move into the final stages of post-production - editing, VFX, colouring, sound and music. This is the critical point where we get to make the film the best it can possibly be. Keep an eye on social media for more updates as we go. 

And after that, we unleash it to the world!

The Final Shoot Begins...

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Almost exactly a year after principle photography first began on The Gael King we are thrilled to announce that the last block of shooting has finally begun.

The first day saw us trekking up into the wild and misty mountains of Scotland.

It is amazing to have come this far, and we are so grateful to everyone who has made this possible.

The end of the journey is in sight...